Ha Phororo Youth Retreat, South Africa Volunteer Policy

  • A volunteer is a person motivated by free will and choice to belong to HA PHORORO
  • Buys in to the principles, values, aims and objectives of HA PHORORO as outlined in the Constitution and Policies of the organization
  • Is committed to the cause of HA PHORORO
  • Gives some time freely, to promote the cause embarked upon by HA PHORORO
  • Accepts to do some work without expecting remuneration
  • Gets a sense of enjoyment/fulfilment from his/her contribution towards the well being of others
  • Accepts to make a sacrifice to promote the greater/common good of Youth and Young Adults
  • Recognition by the HA PHORORO Community of the value added to the organization through the voluntary contribution of its members
  • HA PHORORO recognizes and accepts responsibility to offer incentives to volunteers when and where possible