A labyrinth is an ancient form of body prayer. Labyrinths can be found on all continents and in all religions.It is an archetypal symbol, something that human beings have discovered helps them get closer to the mystery of life. There is no right or wrong way to walk the labyrinth. It can be a reminder of the complexity and difficulty of life.

Usually when you walk the labyrinth you keep three things in mind. Release, receive and integrate. As you start walking you release all your fears, anxieties, frustrations and – you stop thinking. As you walk try to become aware of your surroundings and enjoy the beauty around you. When you get to the centre you hear a text and then spend a few minutes in silence reflecting on the text.

We are encouraged to walk through life with trust, just as the labyrinth may at times seem confusing and we may get the impression that we are lost and stuck, but if we learn to walk with trust we know that we shall reach the centre of the labyrinth.
It is similar with life; we learn to trust the journey, in the hope that we will reach enlightenment in the end.

More and more people are discovering the value of walking the labyrinth, and it is a major attraction for many day visitors to come to Ha Phororo.

We have three different labyrinths: – a native American labyrinth, the second is similar to most famous labyrinth from the cathedral in Chartres/ France, and the third a cosmic walk (which highlights the stages of development of our universe).

The Chapels

Ha Phororo has three chapels: the original chapel, the new chapel and the reconciliation chapel – all special in their own way; a sacred space to reconnect one self with God.

We have prayers here daily at 7 AM and 7 PM. On Sundays, we celebrate mass at 8 AM. All are welcome!

Visitors can spend time in the chapels – A place to find inner peace.

The reconciliation chapel is where you can spend time praying for peace and reconciliation in the world.