We have three different labyrinths at Ha Phororo. A native American labyrinth, a cosmic walk labyrinth and a third which is similar to the famous one found in the Cathedral in Chartes – France.

A labyrinth is an ancient form of body prayer. Labyrinths can be found in all continents and in all world religions. There is no right or wrong way to walk the labyrinth. It can be a reminder of the complexity and difficulty of life.

More and more people are discovering the value of walking the labyrinth. This is a major attraction for many day visitors who come to Ha Phororo.

All are welcome to join us on Saturday mornings to walk the labyrinth.


Ha Phororo has 2 chapels: the Qalehong and the Reconciliation chapels – all special in their unique way.

We hold prayers daily at 8AM and 7 PM. On Sundays, we celebrate eucharist at 8 AM. All are welcome to join us.

There is a multi – purpose hall that can accommodate 80 people seated. This hall is self -contained with a fully furnished kitchen and outside rest rooms. It is available for hire to various groups that want to spend time in Ha Phororo in strategical planning meetings, youth retreats and various church or community gatherings.