About us

Ha Phororo Youth Retreat Community, brought together by a common search for spirituality and a commitment to live the Gospel values of integrity, responsibility and respect. We welcome persons of different ages and backgrounds and from various Christian denominations who are in need of spiritual nourishment and physical rejuvenation. This ecumenical centre with its clear Christian foundation, and its roots in the Catholic tradition, welcomes in particular young people who desire to explore and to grow to their full potential and who search for clarity concerning God’s call for their place in society.

Our Vision Statement We dream of providing a place for young people who want to spend time searching for their place in society. Where does God want them to be? What is their calling? We wish to provide a place where one can take time out within the company of other like-minded people, sharing regular prayer, Bible study and manual work. Visitors are welcome to join and stay for a day or up to six months, depending on their needs.

We are an ecumenical centre, welcoming all who have the desire to grow to their full potential. We have a clear Christian foundation, embedded in the Catholic Church.

Although we have a clear Christian foundation embedded in the Catholic Church we make use of the Taize style of worship and Africanize it.
Taize is a religious community that has become popular through their music. So we use some of their music for our prayer times. The inspiration for our centre also came from the Taize community of .The community in Taize have members from all different Christian denominations, but the community itself doesn’t belong to any denomination.

Their initial dream was to work for reconciliation in the world. The community started during the Second World War, and Brother Roger, the founder of the community, wanted to show in their way of living as a community that it was possible to live together in harmony as members from various churches and nations and races.

Our target group is youth, but groups and individuals of all ages are welcome.